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Financial Management in these Economic Times

When someone looks back on their past financial success or mistakes one thing always comes to mind, and that is: how did it happen? They think, “was it my doing, my fault, someone else’s advice or fault, or just what set things in motion to bring on a “successful financial memory”, or a destructive one. […]

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Marriage Cafe

“THE FIVE FINANCIAL MATTERS THAT COUPLES REALLY NEED TO TALK ABOUT” Make your finances into building blocks (not stumbling blocks) in your marriage. Communicate  better about money decisions by learning your individual “Money Background” and the effects of the “Emotion of Money” as it lives out in your adult lives. Understand Important Biblical Perspectives of Finances Communicate your […]

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Ownership & Stewardship

Ownership And Stewardship From The Book Of Nehemiah   Economic Principle: giving your talents, time and treasures. Hear more from the radio show on this topic:

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