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Life Settlement Market

Are you up to speed on the emerging life settlement market? What is a life settlement? How do I get started? Follow the link below to see the 5 easy steps and as always call Tom with any questions.

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The Heat’s Getting to Me!

The financial heat that is, decision making, deal cutting, and other tough things to know about when it comes to some “heavy lifting” in the areas of money management. How are we supposed to know about various financial issues topics like: Social security College planning Investing wisely Budgeting Insurance related stuff? Those are technical topics, […]

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Summer Vacation?

Gotta have it, need it, let’s do it. Let’s go! Yea but have we budgeted in advance for a vacation? Or are we so stressed and tired that we don’t think straight; we just “woop it up” without a thought for the “end game” of this ‘budget buster’ item. Down the road the credit card […]

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Are you a “financial enabler”?

Are you a “financial enabler”? Do you have kids that perceive you as “the bank of mom or dad”? If that could be you or sounds familiar, take notice. “Real love” isn’t tossing money at your kids to help them through financial misdeeds and bad decisions, especially if that “song” sounds familiar way too often. […]

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Life insurance “cash out”

Have you come to a place where you are considering selling your life insurance policy? Maybe you have already contacted your insurance company and you were shocked to find out how little they were willing to give you to “cash out”. There are other avenues that can pay you much more than your insurance company […]

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Do your finances control you?

The “tiger by the tail”? Huh? What’s that phrase got to do with my personal financial ideas and situation? A bunch actually, a whole bunch to be sure. Over my 34 years of being a financial counselor, most people I’ve found let their finances grab or control them instead of the other way around. Especially […]

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The tax man is coming!

The tax man is around the corner; look!  Do you see him?  Hide everyone, hide! Nonsense, don’t fear the “tax man”, aka the IRS.  April 15th is coming soon and the 2012 tax return needs to be filed unless an extension is in place which moves the date to October 15th of 2013.  Now is […]

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Budgeting gets a “bad rap”

Budgeting gets a “bad rap”.  Poor, poor Mr. Budget!  He has the worst reputation that an intangible object or concept could ever have.  Everyone hates him, but they don’t really know or understand him.  If he were alive he’d say, “try me – oh please give me a shot!” “I’m not what you think, I […]

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Preparing Your Finances for 2013

When preparing your finances for 2013 now is the time to create the game-plan. Goal setting and financial implementation is critical.  Getting sound advice and locating your personal “money-compass” is a wise move.  The “financial compass” is important so one knows if they’re truly setting sail on the right course and on target to reach […]

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