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Retirement Missteps Can Cost You

The path to retirement isn’t always smooth. You’re bound to encounter some bumps along the way. Avoiding the following common missteps will help keep you on the right track toward pursuing your retirement goals.

  • Starting off too slowly
  • Bypassing tax breaks
  • Staying on a “safe” path

See this month’s issue of Let’s Talk Money, these tips may give you a better retirement outlook.

• Don’t Leave Health Care Dollars on the Table

Don’t make the mistake of waiting until the end of December to review your finances. You might not have enough time to take full advantage of some money-saving strategies before the ball drops. Here are some healthy year-end moves you may be able to make.

• You Can’t be Too Careful
What happens on the Internet stays on the Internet,right. Maybe not. There are countless companies; hackers and even some websites that want to collect data about you and what you do when you’re online. Even if you try to protect your privacy, you may be at risk. Here are some ways to strengthen your efforts.

• Q&A Let’s Talk Retirement
All this and more in this issue of Let’s Talk Money…

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