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Summer Vacation?

Gotta have it, need it, let’s do it. Let’s go! Yea but have we budgeted in advance for a vacation? Or are we so stressed and tired that we don’t think straight; we just “woop it up” without a thought for the “end game” of this ‘budget buster’ item.

Down the road the credit card bills still come, and without a money plan for this budget buster item we can pay a lot more than the vacation cost due to interest paid on the credit cards; if we didn’t plan right. Instead, budget each month for the column “Vacation” and build up an envelope of dough to get ready for that fun time.

No one is saying someone shouldn’t have a vacation, just don’t overpay and underplan. It will cost you pain and headaches down the road, and that road always comes up sooner or later.

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