The Emotions of Money:
Why Financial Drama Is Your Best Friend

Are you facing Financial Drama in your life?

Are you facing financial drama in your life? As we grow older and life becomes more complicated, our relationship with money can take turns in which we are not even aware. Sometimes we don’t realize there is a problem, but we feel conflicting emotions that don’t make sense.

The Emotions of Money is a book that uses Biblical and practical real-life stories to illuminate valuable spiritual and financial principles to apply to our lives today. If we are experiencing emotional and financial drama that is contrary to God’s Word, He is the only One who can fix it. By drama, I mean those consequences that come from our sin as well as the trials and hardships God allows in our lives. Both are good and necessary because they wake us up to our need to repent, trust God, and listen to Him. Many of us experience hardship that is not a consequence of sin. But these struggles are important in the life of a true believer because they prune us and make us more fruitful in the kingdom of God.

They can also produce a deeper, abiding relationship with the Lord that may not have come otherwise. Th e Lord doesn’t promise to fix all our problems, but He does promise to satisfy us with Himself by teaching us more of His character through the Bible. He is always enough…the only One who can heal the diseases of your soul and the problems in your wallet.

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Knowing the
Economy of God

Written by Tom Meaglia, “Knowing the Economy of God” provides guidance on how to manage one’s financial affairs in light of God’s word.

The book based on four economic principles or anchors from the Bible that teach people how to establish a foundation for life in order to manage their finances. When we have a better understanding of the economic principles from the Bible, we can face financial challenges with wisdom, learn to be better managers of our money, and find true contentment in life.

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Knowing the Economy of God
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Knowing the Economy of God
Audio Book
Narrated by Tom Meaglia,
Reba Toney



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