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  • Financial Tips from Tom
  • Financial Management in these Economic Times



  • August 6th
  • August 13th
  • August 20th
  • August 27th


The 4 Anchors of God’s Economy



  • God – The Only True Owner (I & II)
    • Economic Principle: The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it, the world and all who live in it…
      May 6th  (Part I)
    • Economic Principle: God’s ways are better than my ways
      May 13th (Part II)
  • Ownership — Who Has Control Over Our Finances?
    Economic Principle: Everything belongs to the Lord
    • September 3th
    • September 10th
    • September 17th
    • September 24th



  • Ownership And Stewardship
    Economic Principle: wisdom over riches

    • March 4th
    • March 11th
  • Ownership And Stewardship From The Book Of Nehemiah
    Economic Principle: giving your talents, time and treasures

    • March 18th
  • Stewardship and Business
    • December 9thIntroduction to Contentment
    • June 9thReal Estate and Stewardship
    • June 16thStewardship Of Your Career (part I)
    • June 23rdStewardship Of Your Career (part II)
    • June 30thStewardship of Insurance
    • July 14thStewardship and Real Estate Staging
    • July 21stEstate Planning and Stewardship



    • March 3rdFinancial Anchor #3 – Giving: Tithing
    • March 10thMotives For Giving
    • March 17thThe Good Samaritan
    • March 24thThe Widow’s Mite
    • March 31stWatering Others
    • April 7th & 14thGiving to the Needy
    • April 21stOur Heavenly Bank Account
    • April 28thSharing With Others
    • May 12thGive to Hired Workers
    • May 19thManage Your Giving
    • May 5thBackground Giving Survey
    • May 26th & June 2ndSummary of Giving



    • December 16thGreat Gain!
    • December 23rdContentment — “Love of Money”
    • December 30thContentment — Goals, Needs, Wants
    • January 6thWhat Should Contentment Feel Like?
    • January 13thI Deserve It
    • January 20thLearning Contentment
    • January 27thThe Thirst For Contentment
    • February 3rdContentment in Plenty
    • February 10thContentment In Occupation
    • February 17thTake the Quiz
    • February24th – Even If We Lose It All


  • The Life Of Job: God Gives And God Takes Away
    Economic Principle: trials develop character

    • April 1st
    • April 8th
    • April 15th
    • April 22nd
    • April 29th
  • Borrowing And Not Repaying (part I)
    Economic Principle: bankruptcy can be the result of a tragic borrowing game

    • May 20th
  • Steps To Repaying Back Debt (part II)
  • Economic Principle:poverty is better than dishonesty
    • May 27th
  • Greed And The Futility Of Wealth
    Economic Principle: trust in God’s values, not man’s values

    • June 10th
    • June 17th
    • June 20th
    • July 1st
  • Coveting, Envy And Jealousy
    Economic Principle: creating an idol through greedy thoughts

    • October 1st
  • Restitution
    Economic Principle: restore and reconcile

    • October 15th
    • October 22nd
  • Arrogance & Pride (part I)
    Economic Principle: God gives us the ability to produce wealth

    • October 29th
    • November 6th
  • Arrogance & Pride (part II)
    Economic Principle: keeping humble through prosperity

    • November 12th
  • The Life Of Ruth — God, Our Provider
    Economic Principle: trusting through the hard times

    • November 26th
    • December 3rd
    • December 10th
    • December 17th

Economic Principle: bribery is dishonest gain

    • December 31st
    • January 1st
    • January 14th
    • January 28th


God’s call to men

  • Wanting and willing to work
    • September 9th
  • What women want and need in a working man
    • September 16th
  • The wise man plans ahead
    • September 23rd

The Proverbs 31 Woman

Economic Principle: the dedicated family woman

  • July 8th
  • July 15th
  • July 22nd
  • July 29th

Kid’s Economy

  • August 5thParents live by example
  • August 12thTeach children the scriptures
  • August 19thDon’t spoil the child
  • August 26thTeaching kids how to save and the dangers of debt
  • September 2ndParent stewardship and the allowance plan