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The Economy of God

Where Faith and Finance Intersect

Tom Meaglia has been a faith-based Financial Advisor for over 40 years. He leads educational financial seminars in your place or worship and is taking bookings for this Fall. Tom is the author of, “Knowing the Economy of God” which is based on economic principles, or anchors, from the Bible that teach people how to establish a foundation for life in order to manage their finances. When we have a better understanding of the economic principles from the Bible, we can face financial challenges with wisdom, learn to be better managers of our money, and find true contentment in life.

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For more information or to have Tom host a faith-based seminar at your place of worship October 2024 – April 2025, call now!
Workshop includes all materials and books. Book ahead to secure your date!

Tom’s faith-based seminars will cover:


The sooner you start saving, the more time your money has to grow! See Tom’s steps for getting your finances under control and put your plan into action.


Now more than ever, families and individuals need to establish personal budgets. Increased life expectancies have raised the level of retirement income that is needed.


In business, risk managers assess their companies’ internal and external risks and take steps to limit them. This same process can be used in your personal life.


One of the keys to successful investing, particularly just prior to or during retirement, is making sure your investments in your portfolio match your investment objectives.


The federal tax filing deadline of April 15 may seem far away, but the date can sneak up on you before you realize it.

Seminars & Workshops


Interactive Money Makeover Workshop

• Weathering the Economic Storm
• Creating a Financial Plan- That Works!
• Money and Emotions
• The How’s and Why’s of Loans in today’s market
• “Investing Innovations”
• 5 Key Financial Must Do’s for the new year


Tom Meaglia - Investment Advisor

Church Seminars (Full Day)

• Knowing the Economy of God – Biblical Financial Principles for Living
• The 4 Anchors of God’s Economy:
Ownership, Giving, Stewardship & Contentment
• Application of God’s principles to your everyday and normal life
This seminar presents a scripturally balanced approach to money management based on the Bible. You’ll learn how to put wise principles into a plan to faithfully manage your resources.
• The Economy of God for Kids and Teens (All Ages)
• NEW–Interactive Money Makeover “Till Debt Do Us Part” (Couples)



(2 hours – Can combine for a 1/2 or full day seminar)
• The recipe for financial freedom
• Giving and contentment in God’s economy
• A plan for managing your resources
• Budgeting, credit busters & debt clean-up
• Saving & Investing
• Estate & Tax Planning
• Starting your own business
• Family – Financial Fitness Training
• College Students – Career and future financial plans
• Couples – Engagement Financial Preparation
• Marriage, Money and Teamwork
•  Seniors – A retirement plan check-up
• For Women Only – Financial Goals & Management
• Weathering Life’s Financial Storms
• Divorce Care


Corporate Business Seminars

• Financial Business Plan and Marketing Development
• Retirement Planning
• Pension Planning
• Risk Management
• Self-Employment
• Non-Profit Fund Raising and Development



Engagement and Marriage


  1. Make your finances into building blocks (not stumbling blocks) in your marriage.
  2. Communicate  better about money decisions by learning your individual “Money Background” and the effects of the “Emotion of Money” as it lives out in your adult lives.
  3. Understand Important Biblical Perspectives of Finances
  4. Communicate your Financial Goals before you get married and throughout your marriage as you go through life phases.
  5. Creating a Financial Life Plan together

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4 Anchors of Gods Economy

The 4 Anchors of God's Economy

Ownership, Stewardship, Giving, Contentment
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