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Will you have enough money for retirement? According to a recent survey, 57% of people reported that the total value of their retirement funds and investments was less than $25,000. This included 28% who had less than $1,000 accumulated for retirement. Setting aside money for retirement can be difficult when you have so many other financial demands. But making a commitment to your future can help you ensure that you have enough money for your retirement years.

  • Life gets in the way
  • A little more can do a lot
  • Spend less to invest more

See this month’s issue of Let’s Talk Money, these tips may give you a better retirement outlook.

• Kids Count Big at Tax Time

Every year, the U.S. Department of Agriculture releases a report estimating the cost of raising a child born that year to the age of 18. According to the most recent report, the average cost of raising a child born in 2013 will be $245,340. However, one place parents can get a break is from the IRS – a tax break, that is.

• Financial Resolutions That Count

Resolving to control your finances rather than letting your finances control you is a great way to start 2016. Here are some financial resolutions to consider for the new year.

• Hacked!

Keeping personal data secure is becoming more and more difficult. If you’re ever involved in a widespread data breach or you’re targeted individually, don’t waste any time.

• Q&A Let’s Talk Retirement
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